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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Fun. - In Concert

So now, it's time.  Time for Fun.

It was...simply...Amazing!

The quality of the music, the performance, the lights, the energy, you name it!  It absolutely was amazing.

The show was about an hour and a half.  It felt like ten minutes, no more.  Time flew.  That, to me, is the sign of a perfect show.

The way to determine if it was a good show, is by asking if you would go see them live, again.  To Fun., I say YES!  Absolutely, without a doubt, no question in my mind...YES!

So check out the pics, please watch the videos, it is worth your time.  And if you get a chance to see Fun. perform, I strongly recommend finding a way to make it happen.

And, of course, my song of the day.  What else could it be?  It is "Some Nights" by Fun. (This was their encore piece!)

And for those wondering, yes, we did make the trip back home that same night.  It was a long night, but we made it safe and it was worth every moment!!!!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Tegan & Sara - In Concert

Sorry for the long hiatus, life got quite busy for a while.

But anyway.

So, several months ago, Fun. announced their US tour.  Liz & I immediately started searching dates to see how close they were coming to home.  The closest was about 2.5 hours away.  When it appeared that they weren't coming any closer (sad face!), we decided to hunt for tickets.  Then we found out that it was sold out!!!  Major bummer!  Next step for us was to search second hand sites.  It took a while, but we found actual seats in the price range we could afford.

Next up was the three month waiting game.

Being the type-A person that I am, I spent quite a bit of time researching the venue (we had never been there before), the drive, and more.

Finally, the day came.  We left work early (love that little bonus) and started the drive.  We got there at about 5:20.  The show started at 8pm, but we had no idea when the doors would open, so we figured early was better than late.  We hung out on the lawn, listened to the four competing radio stations blast their respective music (whose idea is that???), and tried not to die of heat stroke (it was 95 degrees!).  Then the crowds started to grow, and grow, and grow.

 Finally, the doors opened, and we headed in.  Inside there was an area set up for merchandise, for drinks, and for several organizations related to LGBT rights.  We picked up these rockin stickers!

(the view of the venue from the top of the hill)

(Yep, there was a giant Fun. sign too!)

With merchandise purchased, pictures taken, and drinks in hand, we found out seats.

(Second to last row of seats, but still in front of the 4,800 people on the lawn)

A while later, the opening band came on.  Tegan & Sara.  Simply put...They Rock!  I had gotten their album a few months ago, and they are just as amazing live as they are recorded.

Check out the crowd shot!  We took this while making a quick run (ha! nothing is quick with 7,700 people!) for snacks. Figured we better do it before Fun. went on....

(Panorama shot covering most of the crowd.)

So in honor of one of the best opening bands I have seen, my song for the day is the one that I have the clip of above...."Closer" by Tegan and Sara

A giant THANK YOU to Tegan & Sara for an amazing start to an amazing night!!!!!
(and stay tuned for the blog about Fun.!)
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