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Friday, August 30, 2013

Seeing Things Differently...Concert Time, Part 2 of 3

So, back to August 17th.

After Alex Mendenall, Ryan Cabrera was up.  I won't lie.  We weren't that excited.  We had seen his show back in May, well, we had seen part of his show.  Sound check took too long and he came off looking like a diva.

I am so glad we gave him another chance.  The show was...simply put...perfect.

It was very casual, which was amazing.  Ryan got up, kicked off his sandals, and just played.  There was a ton of conversation back and forth between him and the crowd.  He took requests, made us laugh, played beautifully.  He also played some new music, which has me itching for a new album to be released!

I would see him again in a heartbeat.  Seriously.  Cannot wait for a return trip to this part of the country!

And remember, sometimes you just have to look at things differently.  You, and I, have to remember that just because something wasn't ideal the first time, doesn't mean it won't be amazing the next time.  I'm many times the first to shoot an idea down if it didn't go well before.  So, maybe this concert was a bit of a life lesson for me.  A reminder to keep our eyes, minds, and hearts open.  A reminder that we should always be willing to give things a second chance.

So please, enjoy the pictures, enjoy the videos.  For my song of the day, I am going with "I See Love" by Ryan Cabrera. :)

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  1. Good idea we should all remember! Love the green :)


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