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Monday, March 31, 2014

Was it worth it? Yep. It was!

So...we made it.  It was finally time for Wakey!Wakey!

I have to say, there are not a lot of bands that I will drive, take a train, stay overnight, and go to a VERY late show (started at 12am Central), to see.  And seriously, it was worth it all.

Michael Grubbs put on a wonderful show.  Great music, a few stories, and getting to hear all of my favorite songs - live.

I love live music.  (if you haven't already picked that up)  I love the energy, I love when the music live is even better than it is recorded, I love the feeling of a crowd coming together rather than pulling against one another.

This concert was the epitome of those feelings.  We were all there for the same thing, we were all enamored, we were all feeling the joy.

So rather than continuing to blather on, enjoy the pics, watch the videos - oh, and go buy the music (  Seriously.  He has a new EP out and a new album is coming at the end of May. 

After the show, we waited to be able to meet Michael Grubbs - the man that is Wakey!Wakey!  Well worth the extra time and energy.

He is a very kind and generous man who took the time to talk to each of us and signed my new poster - which is now hanging amongst my vinyl covers.  And now I just hope that he will actually come to Michigan on the second leg of his tour. :) 

For my song of the day - I give you "Call Me Up" - a song off of the new EP, Irresistible.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Chicago...Concert....Artist #2

What can I say about Jillette Johnson?

Have you ever heard her music?  Have you ever seen her perform?  Have you ever read her lyrics?


Well...You should have.  I should have.  I am grateful that I now have.

I tend to be extremely picky with female artists.  I don't know why, I just am.  I did not have high hopes before this concert.  Like I said - female artists don't tend to make my top list.

Wow.  I was blown away.  Liz was blown away.  Lainie was blown away.

And this was the night after she couldn't perform as she was so sick.  If she can sound this good when her voice is not up to par - what must she sound like when she is healthy?

My song for today - for remembering this show - is Torpedo from Jillette Johnson.  Again - may I stress - please check her out.  You won't regret it!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

The start of an epic night

Okay...going back a bit.  We are still in Chicago.  And's time!  Time for Wakey!Wakey!  Honestly, I was really excited.  We had spent our evening relaxing in the hotel and headed out for the venue. 
 And what is a show without a selfie in the hotel?!?

So we headed down to the city and got a cab to the venue, Schubas Tavern.  We got there a few minutes before the doors opened, I believe that was 9pm.  9pm central.  Yeah - kind of a late night for us - but so worth it.

We found spots on the floor - then changed as there were spots along the wall with coat hooks and seats if we wanted.  First up for the night was Casey Shea.  Honestly, hadn't heard of him - but I always love finding new artists.  

Casey took the stage - and we just started laughing.  The first bit of his set he spent chatting, telling stories, and was even sitting on the stage.  

Yeah - that's him in plaid....

It was a great start to the night.  We then got the opportunity to hear his music.  He is extremely talented and for some strange reason I haven't ordered his music yet - but I will.  Trust me on that.

For his final song of the night, he brought some guests out on stage.  And honestly - I do not know that anybody recognized them - for there was far less excitement than I would have predicted. 

Yeah - that's Jillette Johnson (next on deck for the night) and Michael Grubbs (aka Wakey!Wakey!) and their bands.

Beautiful music by wonderful musicians.

I do have to say that the highlight of Casey's show was a song that he played called "I Don't Wanna Wait."  It was a riot.  We loved it!  

So, in honor of a long awaited evening - I give you "I Don't Wanna Wait" by Casey Shea

Sunday, March 16, 2014

The joy of the big city

Last weekend saw myself and two of my best friends traveling to Chicago.  I love that city.  Honestly, growing up, I didn't like Chicago all that much.  But as I have aged, I have grown to appreciate that place.  It is wonderful.  I love the bustle, I love the downtown, I love the theatre district.  It is a blast.

The decision for this trip came up because one of my favorite groups - Wakey!Wakey! - was on leg 1 of their North American tour.  And unfortunately, Chicago was the closest that they were coming.  It seemed like a great opportunity for a trip - and I talked my girls into coming with me.

So Saturday morning, we were off. 
First up - a drive to Indiana

Next - a train ride to the Windy City

The train is so the way to travel to Chicago.  It allows you to avoid driving in the city, but get right to the heart, and takes about the same amount of time.

While on the train there were a group of twenty-somethings who were traveling down, as well.  We learned a lot of interesting things from this group - including - clear liquor will lead to fewer hangovers, diet drinks (or anything with a sugar substitute) will get you drunk faster, and Canada is not the invading kind of country.  It was quite interesting.

We made it to the city - found our way out of Millennium Station - and of course headed straight to Millennium Park.  First up - the Bean.

Being the typical tourists - we took pictures everywhere and of everything

Then we continued our journey with a brief stop to our hotel and swung through Macy's.

View outside our window on the 17th floor

 I cannot get over how beautiful Macy's is...

We then headed up the Magnificient Mile and saw what there was to offer.  We stopped for lunch in Water Tower Place, had hot chocolate at Ghiradelli's, and ended our walk north at Sprinkles for some cupcakes.

 Ummm...yeah...there is a cupcake ATM!!!

Irish Cream, Cinnamon/Sugar, Banana Chocolate, Maple Bacon, Off the Record, and Peanut Butter Chocolate....YUMMO!!!

We then limped back to our hotel to shower, order some dinner, and relax before the show....

More on the show is coming up soon - and it was amazing - absolutely worth the wait as I edit pictures and sort through video.

In honor of this trip, I leave you with a song - just one for fun tonight. :)
"Let's Kill Tonight" by Panic! at the Disco

Sunday, March 9, 2014

True North

I was lucky enough to spend this weekend in Chicago.  The goal was to see Wakey!Wakey! perform.  More on that will be coming soon enough.  But there was a part  of the evening that got me thinking - in fact, got me blogging while I was still standing at the show.  Jillette Johnson opened for Wakey!Wakey! and performed a song that really struck a chord.  These are my thoughts.
I don't know if it is a regional, national, or human thing, but people put a ton of emphasis on where we are "from."  That question is a very tough one for me. In fact my sister texted me one day asking how I respond to that question. I was born in Iowa, spent several years in South Carolina, then most of growing up was in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, then since high school I have been in the lower peninsula. 
So when someone asks where I'm from, it is not easy to answer. 
And really, why does it matter? I understand that where you are raised can have a significant impact on who you are, but too often people make incorrect assumptions based on it. 
More often than not, when people hear where I grew up, they assume that I hunt, camp, and know very little of the world. I have never hunted, almost never camped, and while I may not be an expert, I have traveled and been exposed to enough to understand more than people expect. 
Maybe we focus on where people are from in an attempt to connect. A chance to find a common ground. Although, aren't there better things to connect about? Where we are from is out of our control and doesn't actually say anything about a person - though we assume it does. Why don't we focus on how we care for those around us, on what is important to us, or on where we sees our future's leading? Those ideas can provide common grounds that can actually provide a basis for a truthful conversation and a relationship based on respect and love rather than geography. 
And despite these rantings-home is important. For many people where we are from is less about the city or region and more about the feeling of comfort and safety that comes from remembering or returning to this place. I get this. Even though I will never move back to any of the places I lived before graduating high school, even though I don't even care to visit but every 5-10 years, there is something special about home. Our memories like to play with us and hold on to the best moments. Anyone who knows me well knows that I never really fit in growing up. And that's okay. It has made me who I am. I have many acquaintances, but only one true friend left in that region, and yet. And yet I still feel that occasional pull to go home. To try and recreate what my memory tells me I had there. 
I actually took my husband up there for the first time, after more than 7 years together. And while logically I know that there is nothing for me in that whole peninsula, my heart still pulls. I know I will never live there again, I know that I may not even visit ever again, but nostalgia is a powerful emotion. And that's okay. As long as we go in with open eyes and an open heart. As long as we remember that the place it is now may not be the same as it was, it may not feel the same, we can still take comfort in the memories. 

True North. The path towards home. A path I hope everyone can feel and follow when needed. Whether home is where you were born, where you were raised, where your parents live, or where your current home is - it is important to know where you can find that feeling of safety and peace. Because there are times that it can fix everything, when nothing else could.

So thank you Jillette, for the start of an amazing show, and for the beautiful words on home.

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