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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Six Years.....

August 17, 2007.

Not sure how to put into words that day.  It was a day of tears.  It was a day of joy.  It was perfect.  It was a mess.  It was dramatic.  It was calm.

Six years ago, Jeremy & I were married.

It wasn't exactly your average wedding.  The easiest way to describe how odd it was, is that our wedding invitations stated the "anticipated date and time."  You see, Jeremy was in the Marines.  We planned our wedding for the couple of weeks that he would be home betwen in country training and heading overseas.

This means that we planned a wedding without a date, and he was home for only a few of the decisions related to the wedding.  As is the curse with the military, he was also out of reach most of the time.

But plan we did.  And plan, and plan, and plan.

Our wedding day finally arrived.  I had my hair done by a friend.  Then on to the wedding rehearsal.  Yep, same day as the ceremony.  With a Friday evening wedding, we didn't want everyone to take off more time from work, than necessary.  Then makeup, getting dressed and pictures.  A very, very busy day.

Wedding time rolled around, and it wasn't time to start yet.  There were so many people showing up, that they hadn't all made it into the church.  Not sure anything can make you feel better than knowing that there are 175 of your friends and family showing up to support you and your future spouse.

Honestly, I remember almost nothing about the rest of the night.  Most of the memories that I have are from the videos of our wedding and reception.  I do know that it was beautiful, that my father provided a beautiful sermon, and I was smiling so hard that my face hurt.

But anyways, here we are.  Six years later.  Who knew we would make it this far?  It was been a wild ride thus far, plenty of ups and downs, but nonetheless, I wouldn't have wanted anyone else with me on this ride. 

So Jeremy, thank you.  Thank you for being my husband and my support.  I could never ask for anything more.  I love you!

 Our Wedding Day

At dinner one week shy of our anniversary

So in honor of this milestone...I have a song of the day.  I know you're shocked, right?!?
"Not with Hate" by Mumford & Sons.  It seemed like a perfect choice.

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  1. Great memories - what a day. And now 6 years later! Happy anniversary!


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