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Saturday, August 31, 2013

So maybe we are crazy fans...I'm good with that

Concert night...Part 3.

Last on the schedule was Tyler Hilton.  What can I say?  Lainie and I love to see him live.  It's a great show, a ton of fun, and we got to hear some new music.  I'll let the pics and videos speak for themselves, then I will share the rest of the night. :)

After the show, Lainie and I were chatting with a couple that we have become friends with, thanks to these concerts.  Then we decided to wait and try to get a pic with Tyler.  It worked. :)

Also, of note, I tweeted pictures during each performance.  A couple of days later, Tyler sent out my photo.  I am definitely a dork, as this really excited me.  But ya know what, I'm good with that.

I'm not sure what the official name of Tyler Hilton's new song will be, but I am going with "Little Bit of Trouble" and it is officially my song of the day.  After all, just a little bit of trouble looks good on most of us.  And I think we accomplished that this August.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Seeing Things Differently...Concert Time, Part 2 of 3

So, back to August 17th.

After Alex Mendenall, Ryan Cabrera was up.  I won't lie.  We weren't that excited.  We had seen his show back in May, well, we had seen part of his show.  Sound check took too long and he came off looking like a diva.

I am so glad we gave him another chance.  The show was...simply put...perfect.

It was very casual, which was amazing.  Ryan got up, kicked off his sandals, and just played.  There was a ton of conversation back and forth between him and the crowd.  He took requests, made us laugh, played beautifully.  He also played some new music, which has me itching for a new album to be released!

I would see him again in a heartbeat.  Seriously.  Cannot wait for a return trip to this part of the country!

And remember, sometimes you just have to look at things differently.  You, and I, have to remember that just because something wasn't ideal the first time, doesn't mean it won't be amazing the next time.  I'm many times the first to shoot an idea down if it didn't go well before.  So, maybe this concert was a bit of a life lesson for me.  A reminder to keep our eyes, minds, and hearts open.  A reminder that we should always be willing to give things a second chance.

So please, enjoy the pictures, enjoy the videos.  For my song of the day, I am going with "I See Love" by Ryan Cabrera. :)

Monday, August 26, 2013

Concert Time/New Music...Part 1 of 3 :)

So.  My anniversary was on August 17th.  To explain how awesome my husband is, he was cool with Lainie and I heading out of town for the evening to go to a concert.  Yep.  He rocks.

So head out we did.  To Mac's Bar.

We had never been there before.  Can't say that we are excited to return.  However, it was still a venue for amazing music at good prices.

That's the building...Yep.

The door to the main entrance. :)

First up, Alex Mendenall.  Had never heard of him before, had never heard his music.  Now I am anxiously awaiting the release of his first EP.  It is out September 1.  I highly recommend getting your hands on it, I intend to.

Beautiful music, wonderful guitar playing, very diverse sound.  We couldn't have asked for more, especially out of an opening act!!!

So, as no music has been produced by him yet, I don't have full tracks or song titles for you.  Instead of a song of the day, just check out these three short videos.  It gives you just a teaser of what is coming out on the 1st.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Six Years.....

August 17, 2007.

Not sure how to put into words that day.  It was a day of tears.  It was a day of joy.  It was perfect.  It was a mess.  It was dramatic.  It was calm.

Six years ago, Jeremy & I were married.

It wasn't exactly your average wedding.  The easiest way to describe how odd it was, is that our wedding invitations stated the "anticipated date and time."  You see, Jeremy was in the Marines.  We planned our wedding for the couple of weeks that he would be home betwen in country training and heading overseas.

This means that we planned a wedding without a date, and he was home for only a few of the decisions related to the wedding.  As is the curse with the military, he was also out of reach most of the time.

But plan we did.  And plan, and plan, and plan.

Our wedding day finally arrived.  I had my hair done by a friend.  Then on to the wedding rehearsal.  Yep, same day as the ceremony.  With a Friday evening wedding, we didn't want everyone to take off more time from work, than necessary.  Then makeup, getting dressed and pictures.  A very, very busy day.

Wedding time rolled around, and it wasn't time to start yet.  There were so many people showing up, that they hadn't all made it into the church.  Not sure anything can make you feel better than knowing that there are 175 of your friends and family showing up to support you and your future spouse.

Honestly, I remember almost nothing about the rest of the night.  Most of the memories that I have are from the videos of our wedding and reception.  I do know that it was beautiful, that my father provided a beautiful sermon, and I was smiling so hard that my face hurt.

But anyways, here we are.  Six years later.  Who knew we would make it this far?  It was been a wild ride thus far, plenty of ups and downs, but nonetheless, I wouldn't have wanted anyone else with me on this ride. 

So Jeremy, thank you.  Thank you for being my husband and my support.  I could never ask for anything more.  I love you!

 Our Wedding Day

At dinner one week shy of our anniversary

So in honor of this milestone...I have a song of the day.  I know you're shocked, right?!?
"Not with Hate" by Mumford & Sons.  It seemed like a perfect choice.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Next Six Days....

My birthday celebration went well into the night...I think we got home about 1:30am.  Not too bad, but certainly not early enough to be productive the next day.  Liz, Lainie, & I had predicted this.  So we made a plan.  A plan for a Very relaxed day.


The three of us and our husbands headed out in the early afternoon to spend a few hours on a river.  I think it may have been our best idea ever. :)

Then came Monday.  Back to the real world. 

Tuesday was my actual birthday.  However...our return State Survey showed up at work.  That meant work...and lots of it.  I came home and napped for a couple of hours in the afternoon, but was back at the office until about 9pm.  But hey, we passed, we cleared, and with some luck we won't see them again till next summer.

I don't really remember most of the rest of the week.  My husband and father worked on our front is looking awesome!!!

Friday evening, I left work early.  To sit in my hammock chair and read.  It was perfect outside.

 Following that we had a mini double date with friends, including a bonfire.  A perfect Michigan summer evening!

Not a bad week, overall.  I would choose it again in a minute, if it were my choice.

So my song for you, for tonight, in memory of an amazing week, is "Chasing the Light" by Mat Kearney.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Birthday Party...or Weekend...or Week...

So, I have long realized that I have amazing friends and family.  However, that has become all the more apparent over the past couple of weeks.
I turned 30 this past week, and have been able to experience the best ten days possible.  It is far too much to detail in one blog, so bear with me while I work my way through this. :)

To kick it off, my parents, along with myself and my husband, purchased a Groupon for an 11-course French dinner.  In a castle (or as close as Michigan comes to castles!).

The food was awesome, the locations beautiful, the service...well, not so great.  But I am thrilled that we went and it was a great way to kick off the weekend.

Next came the day to end all days....My birthday bash....

Now, I had entrusted Liz & Lainie to plan the party.  All of the details that I was provided with were related to where we were parking, where we were eating dinner, and what I should wear (which was basically not large heels).

However, to prep, the three of us got pedicures and then I got my hair highlighted.  A very nice start to a very busy evening!

Next up.  Dinner.  I had requested a part of the evening to be a smaller group.  So Liz and Ryan planned dinner with Jeremy and I.  Then I found out that some of my friends, who live on the other side of the state, would be of course they had to join dinner!  We went to an amazing tapas restaurant and had a chance to visit and chat.

We then hung out for a short time, just the seven of us, before everyone else joined us.

Finally, it was time.  Time to find out what we were going to be doing for the rest of the night.  Turns out, it was a scavenger hunt! We were divided into three groups, each group had to take pictures in 4 locations, and take shots at 4 locations.  It was a blast! (And yes, there were paper cutouts of my face for each group to take along)

We ended the night with a party at a local bar.  All in all, it was truly a perfect night! memory of a perfect night...thanks to many phenomenal friends...I have a fun little song for ya...
"My Life Would Suck Without You" by Kelly Clarkson
And yes, I do realize that this is normally about couples, but trust totally works for friends!!

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