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Monday, August 26, 2013

Concert Time/New Music...Part 1 of 3 :)

So.  My anniversary was on August 17th.  To explain how awesome my husband is, he was cool with Lainie and I heading out of town for the evening to go to a concert.  Yep.  He rocks.

So head out we did.  To Mac's Bar.

We had never been there before.  Can't say that we are excited to return.  However, it was still a venue for amazing music at good prices.

That's the building...Yep.

The door to the main entrance. :)

First up, Alex Mendenall.  Had never heard of him before, had never heard his music.  Now I am anxiously awaiting the release of his first EP.  It is out September 1.  I highly recommend getting your hands on it, I intend to.

Beautiful music, wonderful guitar playing, very diverse sound.  We couldn't have asked for more, especially out of an opening act!!!

So, as no music has been produced by him yet, I don't have full tracks or song titles for you.  Instead of a song of the day, just check out these three short videos.  It gives you just a teaser of what is coming out on the 1st.

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  1. You have a wonderful husband! Glad you got to go to the concert!


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