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Tuesday, June 11, 2013



A lot is going on right now.  I have a couple of blogs that I need to publish from this past weekend.  It was Festival of the Arts.  So I have pics and videos from some amazing groups, which I hope to share soon.

Also, this coming weekend is Relay for Life in downtown.  I am co-captain for our team, so there is tons and tons of prep work happening right now.

When things get busy, my mind alternates between spinning in circles and being completely empty.  Either way, I can't seem to put clear thoughts together.

So while I keep moving forward and attempt to put my thoughts in order, here is one of my favorite new songs.

"Memories" by Panic! At The Disco. This is a band that I listened to several years ago and loved.  Now I am waiting to see them perform with Fall Out Boy.  Enjoy the song...simply rocks.

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  1. Nice song! Good luck with Relay and keep your thoughts clear!!!


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