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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Rockin' Concert....Part 2

Continuing on our night of awesomeness....

The first of the three headliners was Teddy Geiger.  He was an amazing performer.  I would absolutely see him again in concert, if I have the chance. 

Lainie and I were able to be in before the concert started. so we got to see sound check.  That is one interesting experience.  Teddy was having a rough go of it, considering they couldn't get the keyboard to work.  Luckily they had another and were able to set that one up.

Soundcheck picture

 Check out the awesome socks!!!

 Teddy with his band.  I loved the "drum set" that was a box!

 Yep, we were kinda close.

 He brought Olivia back out and brought up Tyler Hilton...

In honor of Teddy's performance, my Song of the Day is Coming Through the Stereo by Teddy Geiger.  Here is a clip of that song being performed!
 (Please forgive the quality, I took the video with my phone)

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