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Monday, June 24, 2013

Say What You Want to Say

So summer keeps rolling forward.  I have missed a few of my planned concerts, but as is life.  So far only missed 2 Jazz at the Zoo shows (of course that means I have only made it to 2), but it could be worse.

Work has been nuts, home has been nuts, life just gets nuts.  All good, just busy.

I had mentioned that I am using Twitter to find new music.  Another wonderful aspect is that I also use it to follow artists that I love.  Sometimes they just have amusing pictures and things to say, but sometimes they announce new shows, albums, singles, videos, etc.  Today was a day where fun things were announced.

In two months, Tyler Hilton & Ryan Cabrera are doing another show nearby.  Even better, it is around my birthday and I can use it for a little celebration with one of my best friends.  Some may say that I am a dork, some may say that I need to find new music.  Oh well, say what you want to say.  I enjoyed the last concert that I went to, and am thoroughly looking forward to this one.

That's how dreams work.  They don't have to make sense to anyone else.  They just have to mean something to you.  I love music, I love live shows.  I love the feeling that you get, the energy from the crowd, the high that the performer seems to be going off of, the feeling of being part of something larger.

Maybe it's silly.  Maybe I should be looking for something greater.  But for now, it's what adds to my happiness.  And as it is not something dangerous, illegal, or damaging...Why not go for it?  What's wrong with searching out your happiness. least that's my opinion.

So say what you want to say...but I am looking forward to adding this to my summer schedule!

My song of the day is "Say" by Ryan Cabrera

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