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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Power in small things

For those who know me, for those who follow me, for those who read this blog or follow me on twitter - you know my loves, my focus, my passions.  Music from talented singer/songwriters touches me on a regular basis.  As I have found small venues and musicians who haven't quite made it huge yet, I have found this amazing community.  I have found that the musicians, the venue owners, and the fans make an enormous family.  The amount of genuine joy for music, for people, for the craft is overwhelming.

I have discovered an appreciation for twitter as it allows us, as fans, to communicate and be a larger part of this amazing community.  I am regularly excited and inspired to see the fans come together to support their favorite artists and to see the musicians show their appreciation for their fans.

Not much actually surprises me these days.  Not much truly blows me away.  I was in awe when I wrote a blog about Keaton Simons, then he retweeted it and I had over 100 views on my blog that day.

And believe it or not...that's nothing compared to what is happening as I write.  A few weeks ago I tweeted about wanting to go see a show and looking for someone to go with me.  The musician opening for the show sent me a message and asked me to check out his music.  I did.  And I loved it.  It was light, but with true heart.  It was beautiful.  It was fun.  It made me smile.  That's really all I ask for in music.

So today I wrote a short tweet saying that I am on a kick of listening to this album and that others should check it out.  The musician retweeted it.  In the last 60 minutes around 300 hundred people have read this message and retweeted it to their followers.  The power of a few sentences, the power of fans, the power of a musician to spend two seconds sending a message.  It awes me.  It blows me away.

We live in a time where we are so very separated from those around us.  We (myself included) spend our time on computers, on phones, in front of the television, and less time with in person interactions.  And yet.  And yet we have the opportunity to connect with more people than ever in history.  When else could you write three sentences and become connected with three hundred people within an hour?  When else could you talk to and meet those who inspire you?  When else could you access what it is that moves you, at the click of a button?

Yes, maybe I am on my phone too much.  Yes, maybe I should lock it away now and then.  But.  But I treasure these moments.  I treasure the opportunity to support talented people who put music and lyrics to what I feel and believe.  I treasure the community that I am coming into.

So what am I saying?  Who knows.  But I do know this.  Find what inspires you.  Find what moves you.  Find a community, whether online or in person, that supports you and loves what you love.  And enjoy it.  Share the joy.  Share what you find with those around you.  For this is a magical time and I wouldn't trade it for anything.

So.  What did I really say that caused me to start this letter?  My tweet was "On a bit of a @MikeyWax kick right now.  If you haven't, check him out.  Good music that makes me smile. :)"

And I mean it.  Check out this video.  If nothing else, I am sure it will make you smile.

Thanks Mikey - and keep doing what you are doing, for we appreciate it!

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  1. Cool song and great comments! Enjoy your music!


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