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Friday, January 24, 2014

Dark and Cold

Winter has hit.  And hit hard.  And honestly, it has almost nothing to do with the weather.  Those in this area know exactly how lousy the weather has been - which is pretty terrible.  But for me - the winter blues have little to do with snow and ice.  Once Christmas is over, the excitement has disappeared.  The darkness has descended.  And there really isn't much to do.  Those who have tracked me know how busy I stay.  It is rare that I am home (and awake) for more than a few hours a week.  But in winter that changes.  I am home all the time - and very happy to be so.  So odd.

It is so dark out.  And so cold out.  And really - there is only one thing that I enjoy in the winter - and that is downhill skiing.  Not a hobby that I can afford to enjoy very often.

And to make matters worse - there is almost no good live music around.  Seriously.  I haven't been to a non-online concert since Black Friday.  And I haven't really had another one in the horizons until May.  Yep - like 6 months out! 

Thank heavens for Facebook.  I received an invite from a local DJ to a local charity concert.  Honestly - I hadn't heard of the main act, but the opening act is a local musician (Mark Sala) that is amazing.  So I have invited my best concert buddy and we are going to that next week.

Also in amazing news, I got an email from our favorite venue (Pin Drop Concerts) and it says that the musician (Pat McGee) who puts together the festival that we are going to in May is going to be back in town the beginning of that month.  I know that this is crazy far out, but it is nice to have something to look forward to.

So what am I saying?  Who knows.  Winter is hard.  It is cold, it is painful, it is a time for staying in and staying warm.  But it is also a time for reconnecting with loved ones, for organizing your home and your mind.

I am very thankful that I can make it through this winter with warmth all around me - especially when so many others aren't able to say the same.  So I will simply keep my eye on the end of winter, and enjoy the highlights that appear.  Thank heavens for good music!!!

So on this cold and dark night - I offer you a favorite.  I have been on more of a rock kick lately, and loving it.  Something to help with energy on the dark, cold days/nights. 

"Miss Jackson" by Panic! At the Disco

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  1. Winter is hard -especially this one! Hang in there. I can keep you busy if you want more to do - have 2 houses to work on :)


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