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Monday, April 14, 2014

Whiskey makes everything better...Right?

The place: Seven Steps Up
The time: 8pm on 4/10/14
The artist: None other than the amazing Teddy Geiger

So here we are, back in our little slice of heaven.  Beth, Lainie, and I were at a front table and excited.  Lainie & I met Beth at a Teddy Geiger show last year.  It was wonderful to make a full circle back to see this amazing musician.

This was an acoustic show featuring just Teddy.  A great chance to interact and hang out.

Yep, I was totally one of those people - took a picture of the set list.

I have to give you some amazing news - Teddy did not follow his set list  Now, he really did play everything on it - but he played so much more than that!!!

As you know - I like to record favorite songs - or new songs.  For proof on how wonderful this show was, I took a few more videos than normal.  A few more - meaning....12.  Yeah - may have gone overboard there.

So - back to the actual show.  This was Teddy's first show at Seven Steps Up.  For those who have never been there before, it is a very unique environment.  You have a silent crowd (well - silent as in outside of cheering or singing along) who is paying more attention than you have probably ever had before.  I have to imagine that it can be a little unsettling.  Teddy told us that he has been performing a little sporadically - which also doesn't help the whole live show thing.

If you haven't read my past comments about this venue - one amazing part is that if you want a drink, you raise your hand and they will bring you what you want - and you pay at the end.

We were about 1/3 of the way through the show and Teddy sees several people ordering drinks.  He then asks if he can get a drink.  Of course, they say yes and offer whatever he wants.  He requests whiskey and it was on its way.

Gotta say - whiskey does help make things better.  Teddy's music was wonderful, before he ever touched a drink, but the show certainly got more entertaining afterwards.  From jokes about 2 nips - to experiencing new and incomplete songs - to having a chance to hang out afterwards and discuss life and dreams and goals.

So, it is ridiculously hard to catch a photo of Teddy performing with his eyes open.  Not such a big deal when he was chatting with us - but while singing - it just doesn't happen. :)

Here are a few of the songs that Teddy performed - including some of the music that he is currently working on.

Random picture of our M&Ms - a perk to having a table

So was time for Teddy's finale.  I have to say - we could not have asked for more.  Teddy was great, his music was great, the venue was great.  And then he did his last song.  Ummm - just watch this!

Yep, he rocks!!!!!

So sadly, the show was over.  But part of the highlights were yet to come.  We hung out, chatted with the staff, and waited for the crowd to thin.  Then spent about 20 minutes chatting with Teddy.  As he didn't bring any merch, we had him sign copies of the set list - which mine will be proudly hung and added to the wall of music that is developing in our home.

So thank you Teddy - thank you Seven Steps Up - thank you to my rockin' friends for being part of the crazy journey.  It was a wonderful night.

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