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Saturday, April 12, 2014

The best venue - The best artist - The best night

Have I mentioned how much we love Dan Godlin?  I mean seriously - he is wonderful.  His music is beautiful, he is a blast on stage, and is the most welcoming performer we have ever met.  We. Love. Dan. Godlin.

Okay.  Gushing done.

In my last post I mentioned that we went to the Anna Nalick show to see the opener, being Dan Godlin.  He made a huge impression on us when we saw him in the fall - and we want to help support him, his music, and hang out whenever we can.

As usual - Dan put on a great show.  His energy is infectious.  His pure joy in enviable. 

Have to say - I love this picture!!!

(So every time that Dan performs this song "Dance Baby" he says that despite what it might sound like - it does not say Dan's Baby - but now that is all I hear!)

Dan has promised us a new album soon - hopefully this summer - and also promised another trip back to Seven Steps Up (cause really there is no better venue out there).  The next trip he will be headlining with a full band.  In return we have promised him that we will be front row and cheering.

There is something truly amazing about an artist who loves his fans.  If you follow him on Twitter, or have ever met him in person, you know that he really appreciates everyone who supports him.  We are stoked for a new album - as all of his music is amazing. 

This is my song of the day the day - in honor of Dan's amazing show.  It is one of his new ones and I cannot wait to hear it performed again.

So here it is - "Love You Forever" by Dan Godlin

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