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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Favorite Things...

One of my absolute favorite things is finding new music.  My friends laugh at me because they regularly hear me say “Oh, I found a new album for you to listen to.”  I find it from all over the place.  The radio, friends and family, television shows, and lately social media.  I started my Twitter account so that I could follow some of my favorite musicians.  In the short time that I have had it, I have found so many new artists (or at least new to me!).  Sometimes they have added me, sometimes they have commented on tweets of those I am following, sometimes they are tagged in posts I see.  Whatever way I find them, I love finding them.  I love that I can pull almost anyone up on iTunes, listen to a bit, then in minutes have their whole album.  I love that I can instantly have a new favorite.  I love that I can share my love of music with those around me, with almost no transition time.

So today, I found a new artist.  He was retweeted (is that a word?) by Tyler Hilton, one of my faves.  They were playing a show together.  His name is Curtis Peoples.  I figured that if he was doing a show with Tyler Hilton, then he was worth a listen.

It was SO worth a listen.  I downloaded the album and spent all day listening to it.

So my song of the day is “The Fight” by Curtis Peoples


there's a strength
in your eyes
and it's keeping me going tonight
if I fall or back down
you're there helping me up off the ground
all the dreams that I've fought to keep
start to feel like I just can't hold
I'm torn apart and you can see
I'm losing control
when I'm down you're there to say
I won't let you walk away
so I promise baby, I'm not letting go

I'm still gonna fight
I may fall but I'll climb
I won't ever, ever, ever give up tonight

you're the flame
in my heart
and you're keeping me out of the dark
you believe
in me still
even when I've lost my will
to keep pushing through the walls again
I never thought it'd take so long
all the doubt I'm battling
but I wasn't wrong
all the years were not a waste
you showed me that it's all ok
so If I'm crashing, I'm going down strong

It's crazy the love that we have
your love, will always remind that

So, lesson for the day: Always keep your ears open for new music.  You never know where you will find it, and you never know if it will change your life.  And check out Curtis Peoples’ album The Fight.

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