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Friday, May 31, 2013

Rough Days....

We all have them.  Days that maybe aren't what we had hoped.  Days where maybe things just kinda suck.  Today had pieces of that.  Today I had experiences with people that I love, and I know love me, but I also had experiences with people that were not my biggest fan (at least not today).  Today I experienced some wonderful highs with amazing moments, and some rather lousy lows.

Today was a rough day.

On my rough days, I like to find my happy place.  My ideal happy place would be in a car, driving near salt water, with amazing music blasting through the stereo.  While I couldn't quite pull that off, I did manage to see some great friends, drive through town with the windows down, with amazing music playing.

I know that sometimes, life just has to suck.  If life was always easy and wonderful, how would we ever learn to appreciate the good times?  And really, that's just life.

So on those terrible days, I recommend that you find your happy place.  It needs to be something simple, something that you can pull off almost anytime.  And when you find it, you know...

My song of the day is "Shake it Off" by Teddy Geiger.  Check out the video.  It says everything I would want to say for today.

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