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Monday, November 11, 2013

Thinking Back....

Today, I take a moment to pause from my blogs about concerts.

Today, 11/11, is Veteran’s Day.  It is a day that always leaves me tearful, happy, and mostly grateful.  While I really want to write about the myriad of reasons for my complicated emotions, I also want to protect the rights and privacy of those I love.  So bear with me while I try to explain.

Many of you know, I married a Marine.  I mean, I really married a Marine.  He deployed to Iraq 36 hours after our wedding service.  The year that included the couple of months of in country training (prior to our wedding), the seven months with him out of the country, and the months of travel for continued services upon his return, was one of the toughest years of our lives.  But here’s the thing.  It wasn’t The toughest.  That came later.  That came as we dealt with the aftermath of war.  The aftermath of a military life. 

So, when Veteran’s Day approaches, and everyone is thanking their family members, and service members at large, it brings up a lot of emotion.  I am forever grateful for everyone who has served.  I am forever grateful to their families, for I understand the sacrifice.  I am also forever remembering everything that people have gone through.  Many people like to say, well, at least he came home in one piece.  And yes, we are very lucky that my husband has no physical injuries, and he made it home alive.  Words will never express the daily fear that this wouldn’t be the case.  However, we need to remember that many (if not most), of the service members coming home – are coming home injured.  They are not the same person they were when they left.  They bear scars that we, as civilians and family members, cannot begin to understand.

So what is my point?  Simply this.  Thank you to my husband and all who have served.  Thank you to the families for making the sacrifice.  Thank you to those who recognize the commitment of these members and families.  And please, remember, some scars are invisible.

As always, I have a song.  A song that I wish I had while my husband was gone.  Because it explains a piece of how I felt.

“Gotta Be Next to You” by Todd Carey

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  1. So very true - we are so proud of both of you.


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