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Tuesday, November 12, 2013


I have a list.  As with the rest of my life, it is stored in my cell phone.  It is a list of songs.  Songs that when I hear them, I know that I need to write about them.  Unfortunately, this list just keeps getting longer.  Sometimes songs do not come off of there because it is not the right day for the song, sometimes because I am busy writing about other things, but sometimes it is because I struggle to put my thoughts into words.  The last reason is the one that bothers me the most.  I pride myself on being able to put things into words.  I can write about almost anything.  I can do it succinctly, but also with the needed emotion.  I think that the songs that I cannot write about are the ones that are the most personal.  It can be very hard to put your heart and your mind out there.....

Okay.  Back to last Monday night.

After Dan Godlin had finished (lots of sadness as I would have been happy to see him perform for hours), it was time for Curtis Peoples.  If I am remembering correctly, I found his music through Tyler Hilton.  I had gotten his album, The Fight, and fallen in love with it.  He was the reason that we were at this show.

As expected, his music is amazing.  His performance is amazing.  We enjoyed every second of it. I sang along with almost every minute of it.  One really cool fact was that Curtis had a ton of family there.  Turns out he spent almost every summer, while growing up, in this part of the country.  So lots of his family showed up to see him perform.  It's great to see that kind of support.

After the show, we gotta to talk to Curtis (yep, still really love Seven Steps Up).  While chatting with him, he talked about how he saw that I was singing along to most of the set.  I, of course, complimented his music - cause it really is awesome.  We talked about how some people don't ever know the music of the artists they are seeing, but that I really prefer to know the music prior to a show.  He told me that he really enjoys having people in the audience that clearly enjoy the music and are big supporters.

So of course, I then got him to sign his album.  :)

 Back to where I started.  I have had a song on my list for quite some time.  That song is "Afraid" by Curtis.  The second that I heard it, it was on my list.  It struck a chord with me.  I'm pretty sure it is because it speaks to the part of me that likes that hide.  Everyone has something that they are afraid of.  Everyone has fears.  I'm pretty sure that all of our real fears boil down to the same things.  Loss.  I mean, really, what are you afraid of?  Is it taking a leap for a change in career?  Is it telling someone that you love them?  Is it telling someone that you are scared for them and where they seem to be headed?  Is it of disappointing people?  Whatever it is, I believe it boils down to a fear of loss.  A fear that we will lose the person we love, a fear of losing our success, a fear of losing our safety net.  I know that is where my true fears are based.

This is why this song means so much to me.  So in honor of being pushed out of my comfort zone (which is always a good thing), in honor of an amazing show - I give you my song of the day.

"Afraid" by Curtis Peoples

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