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Tuesday, November 19, 2013


So, I am finally almost caught up with blogging about concerts.  I know, crazy, right?  I really enjoy trying to get to two concerts a month.  This balances me out pretty well.  They tend to be spaced enough that I have recovery time, and I don't have that long to wait to see another great show.  November changed that up a bit.  I had the Dan Godlin/Curtis Peoples/Todd Carey show the first Monday in November, and I have Straight No Chaser the last Friday of the month.  Quite a break in between, but that's okay, it's a crazy busy month.

Then a friend asked if I was interested in seeing Hunter Hayes with her. Honestly, didn't jump on the chance.  I knew 1 Hunter Hayes song.  Of course, it was Wanted. Now, I do love that song, I even bought it on iTunes.  However, I'm not a huge country fan, and the concert was two hours away.  But, I thought about, and decided to give it a shot.  So, on the second Sunday of November, we were off.  Headed out of town to see another live show.

Let me tell you.  If you get the chance to see Hunter Hayes in concert, please do.  He is a great musician.  His musical talent is just amazing.  However, you will have thousands of screaming girls to deal with - just fair warning.

Fox Theatre is absolutely beautiful!

So thank you Allison, thanks for the ticket and asking me to go along.  It was so worth it.

Now - the title of this blog.  Unexpected.  I love finding music in places I never expected.  I love being proved wrong about music (in the good sense).  Finding quality music is something that I will never tire of.  Finding quality anything is always a welcome surprise.  I did not expect to enjoy his music as much as I did.  I enjoyed it so much that we listened to it almost all of the way back to town.  And trust me, I never listen to that much country.  Ever.  So what does this mean?  For me, it means that I need to keep my mind open.  I need to keep my heart open.  I should always be aware that there could be something wonderful just around the corner, or even right in front of me, we just have to be open to the experience.  I strongly encourage the same for you.

In honor of that night - in honor of being open - in honor of the power of music - I have a great song of the day for you.  It is (of course) by Hunter Hayes.  As he was on stage, he was talking about the power of music.  The fact that you can always find a song that speaks to you, that it shows that you are never truly alone, because someone else has felt what you are feeling.  He wrote a song about this.  It is entitled "In a Song."

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  1. Pretty cool for country - glad you enjoyed the concert!


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