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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Where is your happy place?

So a lot of people that I know have commented on how I go to a ton of concerts.  When I look at it, it doesn't feel like all that much.  Really, it is my hobby.  And truly, I love going to small concerts.  While there is nothing better than the energy created by thousands of people all excited to see a favorite musician, there is also nothing better than an intimate gathering.  A gathering where the people are TRUE fans.  Fans who know every word to every song, fans who have followed the musicians when they were small and will tell all their friends about them, in hopes that they will make it to the stadium - one day.

The concert on Monday was one of those intimate gatherings.  As I mentioned before, Seven Steps Up is a venue with just over a hundred seats.  A venue designed for you to be able to hang out with the artists.  And this came true time and time again on Monday.

Beth, Lainie, and I arrived early - as we do.  Dan Godlin was still on soundcheck, so they closed the door.  Then we see Todd Carey heading down the stairs.  We had the opportunity to chat with him, about the tour, about his music, and about the StageIt concert where Beth tipped enough to get a dedicated song - so plans were made for that.

Pretty soon we headed in for our seats.
Not a bad view, huh?

We were ready.  Ready for Dan to take the stage.  We had been listening to his music, talking on Twitter, and ready for an awesome show.

Once again, we weren't disappointed.  Dan Godlin is an awesome performer.  He engaged those of us in the crowd, played beautiful music, and looked happy while doing it.

After the concert was over, we got to meet all the artists.  I do not think we spent less than 30 minutes talking with Dan.  He was such a great guy - very down to earth, very enthusiastic about his music.  And he was also appreciative of his fans.  Always awesome to feel like our enthusiasm helps. :)

So let's back up a step.  The name of this post is "Where is your happy place?".  There is a reason for that.  Dan's newest single is called "Summer Roads."  As he got ready to perform the song, he talked about the feeling of driving down the California coast, wind in the hair, music on the stereo.  The funny thing - is that is my definition of a happy place (well - that or being at an awesome concert).  After the show I talked to Dan about that fact.  It's fun to find something that you have in common.

So this next video is Dan's song "Summer Roads."  While you listen to it, think about your happy place.  Where do you go, or what do you do when you just need to be happier.  What can turn your mood around, no matter how rough the day has been?  Everyone has something (or two or three somethings).  I think that it is important for us to know what that something is, so that we can find strength, even on the toughest day.

And for me, this song will give me that feeling even while I wait through the long, slow Michigan winter. :)

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  1. What a great venue and what fun you had. I'll have to think about where my happy place is - probably someplace sitting outside with a craft in hand or a book.


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