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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Simple Joys

So, the headliner last Monday was Todd Carey.  I have already blogged about his songs After the Morning After and Nintendo here and then, very personally, about Gotta Be Next to You here.

There is a magic in Todd's music.  I have found songs of his which work for almost any situation.  And that is pretty darn impressive when I only have 18 songs.  I have found songs that will cheer me up when I am sad, songs that will express my anger and frustration, songs that make me long for the past while hoping for the future, and most importantly, songs that make me smile.

There is a lot of really good music that I listen to (at least I think so).  And yet, a lot of it is not able to bring a true, simple, full smile to my face.  When that is what I need, Todd Carey is one of the first musicians that I turn to.

Monday night was no exception.  He is an amazing performer.  His energy and talent just flow through the room.  It was great to get to hear a lot of his new album (and waiting till Spring or Summer of next year is going to kill me!).  I am anxiously waiting for another chance to see him in concert, whether it be on the computer or in person.

New music

More new music

Curtis joined Todd on stage at the end of the show

As I said, it was an awesome show.  Afterwards we got to hang out with Todd for a while.  We gently reminded him that he was supposed to dedicate a song to Beth, but he had gotten caught up on stage and forgot about it.  So, we got two songs played while we were hanging out in the merch area.

And of course, we ended the night with pics and autographs.

Ya know, it really was a kinda perfect night.  Good friends, good people, great music, awesome venue.  What more can you ask for?

So, while thinking about that night, about Todd's music, about brings me back to my title.  Simple joys.  I really do love the simple things in life.  I love when a day can turn around from the simplest thing.  And for this, thank you Todd.  Thank you for bringing smiles to our days - even when we don't think we have one in us.

My song of the day is one that Todd performs - and performs so well - "Ain't Got Love"

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