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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Music in a New Era

New experiences.  To be honest, not my favorite thing in the world.  It's not that I dislike them, they just make me nervous.  Ask any of my friends or family and they will confirm that when going through a new experience, I am hyper-vigilant, super sensitive, and pretty darn anxious.  I like knowing what I am getting in to.

But - last night - that was a great new experience.  I'll back up for a second.

In three weeks, I have a concert that I am anxiously awaiting.  It is Dan Godlin/Curtis Peoples/Todd Carey at Seven Steps Up.  Should be an amazing show.  As I am very impressed by all of these artists, I follow them on Twitter.  Todd Carey has been talking about an online show that he was planning, following the release of his new song "Nintendo."  After talking with my friend Beth, I decided to check it out.

Honestly, I was always interested, but like I said - I don't get too psyched for new experiences.

So yesterday, I got my ticket for the 9pm show.

At about 8:30, I curled up with my laptop and watched tv while I waited for it to start.  Below is a screenshot of what came on at 9pm.  Pretty darn cool. 

The center of the screen was Todd, who was talking, performing, interacting with all of us.  On the right of the screen was a chat screen.  All of us watching were able to comment, ask questions, make requests, etc.  Todd made a point to say hi to as many people, by name, as he could during the show. 

I think the best description was what Todd said at one point.  It is like a concert with your biggest fans, but instead of hearing cheers, you see bubbles popping up above each person's head with their thoughts.  How cool is that - for both the musician and the fans?

The fans got to learn more about each other, about Todd, and what concerts we are all hoping to attend.  I also learned about a music festival that he puts on at the Outer Banks - maybe I can get there in 2015....

Oh, another fun note.  Todd has to be one of the happiest musicians I have ever seen perform.

During the show, there was the option to "tip" Todd - using actual money - and the top three tippers won various prizes.  Glad to say that my friend, Beth, got top tipper and will have a dedicated song at the show we are going to in three weeks.

So I'm thinking the lesson of the night is that we should try new experiences more often.  Really - what harm does it cause - at least most of the time.... :)

I regularly wake up with this song in my head....

So...I can't play Nintendo for you - so I recommend you look it up here

Due to this, I am giving you two songs of the day....Nintendo and After the Morning After.  Cause really, any song by Todd Carey is worthy of being a song of the day!

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  1. So you watched him via internet and then are going to see him live??? Sounds very interesting!


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