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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Up Next

Saturday night - take 2.

So Mark Sala has left the stage (cue the sad face followed by the purchase of an amazing cd - really - buy it here)

Now it's time for a quick drink and to wait for Elenowen to take the stage.  That's when this piece of beauty occurred.

Now, neither of us knew much about Elenowen.  I had heard that they were on The Voice, that's bout it.  So we had no clue what to expect.

And we were blown away.  Lainie and I just kinda kept looking at each other - in awe.  Amazed at what we were hearing - thrilled to be a part of another great set.

Honestly, I don't normally get as excited by female vocalists as I do my male vocalists.  I just prefer the sound.  But the combo of Josh & Nicole Johnson was just about perfect.  Okay, not just about, it was perfect.  Check out the proof.

This is Park - played keys and guitar

And you know I have video, too!

So...couple other cool things.  First, they are a husband and wife duo.  Seeing the chemistry on stage was a beautiful thing to watch.  Being able to see how they connect and communicate - awesome.  Next - check out this picture.

There are a lot of challenges to playing a show with only three people - including the lack of a drummer.  Josh was playing this lovely contraption - which basically acted as a bass drum - the quality and strength of it was amazing!

And now - check out their set list.

Love the option to see what is coming up next.

Now in memory - for several things - I give you "We Were Better Off" by Elenowen - oh - and go buy their music, trust me, just do it.  And you can do it right here

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  1. Wonderful music - glad you had such a great experience!


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