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Saturday, October 12, 2013

See You Again!

Okay, back to last Saturday.

As I said, Keaton Simons was up first.  After the intermission, Pat McGee and band hit the stage.  Awesome band.

But first...a story.

The year - 2007.  The place - Burlington, Vermont.  My dad and I drove out to visit my sister for the weekend (yeah, and it was the weekend before my last set of finals in grad school).  My sister got the two of us tickets to a concert.  On the docket was Tyler Hilton, Pat McGee, and Stephen Kellogg.  I had never seen, nor heard, of any of these artists.  We had a great night.

Flash forward to 2013.  I saw Tyler Hilton for the second time in May, and now I have seen Pat McGee perform.  Next up, that needs to be Stephen Kellogg, he just hasn't made it close enough for me to make that happen.

Okay, back to a week ago.

Pat McGee and band were amazing.  Time went by insanely fast.  Near the end of Pat's first set, Keaton came back up and joined them on stage.  There was an intermission in the middle of Pat's time on stage.  They finally left the stage after more than 2 hours of music - then the encore happened.  For the encore, the five musicians grabbed instruments and headed to the middle of the room.  It was time for some acoustic music.  Gotta love the drummer sitting on the edge of the loveseat, playing a stool - and the bass player grabbing a mandolin.  Much of this had not been played as a group before - and it showed their true talent.  The encore took us almost another 45 minutes.  Perfect.  Simply perfect.

Check the videos and pics from the rest of the night.

And a special shoutout to Patrick McAloon - a guitarist in The Pat McGee Band - who also happens to be an amazing solo artist.  He took part in the encore with a song of his own.  You can hear some of his solo stuff in my last blog.

So we had a great night, with amazing music in a great venue.  One of the perks of such a small venue was that the artists hung around after, signed things, took pictures, and just chatted.

Final note for the night.  While Pat McGee was performing, they kept talking about this event, alternately called OBX and Down the Hatch.  A few days on the beach with a lot of great musicians.  Sounded pretty intriguing.  Well I am thrilled to report that my husband and I will be heading down for it this coming year.  Combine it with visiting family and there isn't much better.  I'm pretty sure it is the ideal music festival, between the beach, the music, and a killer crowd.  Hope lots of others will be there too!!!

So for tonight, for my song of the day, the week, until May - I give you "See You Again" as performed by Pat McGee, Keaton Simons, and Patrick McAloon at a previous Down the Hatch.

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  1. Still can't believe all the cool places you go to hear music!


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