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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Inspiration is a Funny Thing

Have you ever heard a song, that just makes you stop in your tracks?  A song that affects you - not just in the music, but also in the lyrics?  A song that seems to truly speak to who you are and who you want to be.

As much as I love music, as much as I am moved by music, this doesn't happen often.  And really, it shouldn't.  If every song you hear is life changing - then maybe there are bigger issues going on.  But anyways.

As I said, a song with this much power, is not something I encounter often.  Honestly, I can only think of one other song that has hit me so strongly - and maybe one day I will write about it.

But for now, I continue the story of last Saturday night.....

So Elenowen is no longer on stage, Lainie and I are running high from the energy in the room, and we are waiting - rather impatiently....

The band was on stage - getting things set up.  They put the set list down and we immediately hunted for our favorite songs.  1 of my 2, that I really, really wanted to hear was on there - "What I Know Right Now."  And the one that Lainie wanted to hear - "Everythings Right" was also there.  Needless to say, we were pumped, okay, excited, okay, ecstatic.

And..the time came.  Matt Wertz took the stage!

So he started with his classic jean jacket - which didn't last long - cause even though it was FREEZING outside - it was quite warm in the room.

That is one well loved guitar!

The following video is of one of my favorite songs off of Heatwave.  It was great to hear it live - and great to hear the conversation between artist and fans.

simply put - this song is beautiful - in melody and in lyrics

And like that...the show was done.  However, like any good artist - there was an encore.  The encore made my night.  Truly, it did.

You know how earlier, I was talking about songs that change your world - and that there was a song that was not on the playlist?  Well, on Heatwave (Matt's newest album), there is a song called "Thing About Freedom."  Something about that song struck a chord with me.  In fact, it was so powerful, that I have been struggling to write the blog about this song - and it has been out for two months.

In this song - Matt sings "The thing about freedom, that's so misunderstood - just because you can, doesn't mean you should."  To me, that is something that we often forget.  It is something that we like to throw in each other's faces.  How many kids say, well I'm 18, so I can do what I want?  Or how many adults make terrible decisions, because we have the freedom to do so?  Every day - terrible decisions are made - and many times, it seems that it happens because it can.  Not because we want it to be so, not because we are dreaming of the outcome - but because we have the "right" to do it.

I know that I am not making a ton of sense right now, maybe one day the words will come to me, that will allow me to describe the impact this song has had on me.  But for now, please listen - listen to the whole thing - try to hear the lyrics.

Following this song, Matt & the band, along with Elenowen, came out into the middle of the floor.  Really - I mean the middle of the audience.  They all grabbed instruments and did an amazing rendition of "Sing My Lonesome Away."

And if you watched the video - you heard the crazy cheer that went up within the first minute - no - that wasn't for the band - the Detroit Tigers were on the television behind the bar and had just taken the lead....

And now the night was done....Or at least the show was.  Lainie and I were lucky enough to be able to grab pictures with Elenowen & Matt Wertz.

And now - our night was truly over.  But we could not have wished for a better night.

However, because I want you to be able to appreciate Matt's music - and concert videos aren't always the best - check out these two songs.

This is the song I also had above here....

This is the song Lainie was waiting to hear - and he did play it - I just don't have it on video

So...What is the moral of all this?  What is the purpose behind tonight's blog?  Cause really, it's been a bit long.  Number 1 - Matt Wertz puts on an amazing show.  I would see him again anytime.  Number 2 - Nothing is better than a good concert with a good friend.  Number 3 - Inspiration can hit you any time - in any number of ways - and normally, it is when you are least expecting it.  Number 4 - Remember - Just because you can Does Not mean you should.  

Despite all the beautiful music above, I have no choice but to make my song of the day be "Thing About Freedom" by Matt Wertz.  And if you just jumped through all the pics and videos to read what I am typing - go back up and listen to that song.  No really - do it.

Good night.

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  1. Pretty cool songs - what a great night for you and Lainie.


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