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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Does this ever get old?

So the time had come for another epic night.  At least that was our hope.  A few months ago Lainie and I saw that one of our favorite artists was putting out a new album.  Preorders were available along with vinyl, shirts, and concert tickets.  As we looked, we saw he was coming to Grand Rapids, and it happened to be the night before Lainie's birthday.  That meant...this was happening.

Time got closer and Saturday arrived.  And the weather was...terrible.  Cold, raining, windy.  Yuck.  We had planned to wait outside so that we could get close spots, but we weren't about to spend much time in this weather.  So we found a local restaurant, grabbed a drink, or two, and some food.  Then we even got shots on the house for celebrating a day early.

Then it was time to venture back outside.  Thankfully, there were only about ten people in front of us.  And of course, while we waited, it started to rain - at least it didn't rain hard.

A couple minutes before doors opened, we ditched the coats and started to get really excited (if it was possible to be more excited than we were!).

Then, shortly after getting in the doors, someone took the stage.  We weren't expecting the show to start for at least an hour, so we were thrilled to be able to have early entertainment.  Oh, and did I mention that we did manage to have awesome spots on the floor - as in I was leaning against the stage.

Who we saw - Mark Sala.  Hadn't seen him before, hadn't heard of him, but when his set was done, I followed him to his merch table and picked up his cd.  Honestly, you should do the same.  And you can do that here.

In the meantime, check out the pics and videos from the show.

 He had his phone laying there with a timer on it - managed to end with I believe 2 seconds to spare

So, the title to this blog.  "Does this ever get old?"  It applies to many, many things - but today - it applies to the joy that comes in finding new music.  The thrill of a new artist.  The excitement with a new sound, a new collection of words.  While I say that I do not enjoy new things, this is the one exception, I always love finding new (good) music.  And Saturday night was a chance for me to do just that.

So, I give you "Breathe" by Mark Sala as my song for the day.

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